Friday, November 15, 2013

V-Strom Windshield Mounting Bracket - Madstad At Last

We finally gave up trying to fix the windshield turbulence problem using a home-made mounting, and purchased a V-Strom Windshield Mounting Bracket from Madstad Engineering. It provides a range of height and slant adjustment for the windshield.

The new windshield profile shows it it a couple of inches forward and upward from the home-made brackets. This has pretty much solved the helmet buffeting problem.

The best position is rider-dependent. For me, it is raised up 3/4 of the vertical range and tilted back 2/3 of the tilt range. In my normal riding position, my eyes are 21 inches up and 12 inches back from the gas tank filler cap.

Sometimes DIY isn't better...

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing ...I would like to see the home made bracket if possible...any links available?