Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Cardboard(s)

Google cardboard is my path to Virtual Reality.

My first attempt is built from a pizza box. The pizza was great - the viewer... not so great.
I used scissors and knives.
I ordered some inexpensive lenses, but don't have them yet. With effort, I can actually perceive the images in 3D without the lenses, albeit very fuzzily.

My second attempt was cut from a clean piece of cardboard from some kind of packing. This time I used an Xacto knife, which made a much cleaner job. I used spray adhesive to glue the printed pattern to the cardboard.
It takes me about an hour to cut out the complete set.

In order to have a really nice Cardboard, we ordered a kit from KnoxLabs.It is complete with lenses, magnets and velcro tabs, but not the NFC chip. It cost $16.95 including shipping. It even comes packed in a nice cardboard box - how appropriate!
I tried the included lenses in the pizza box Cardboard, and they made a world of difference!

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  1. I wonder if Google has a partnership with the packaging industry...