Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Hover - HK450

After finishing the assembly, doing the heli setup as best I could figure out, programming the transmitter for beginner mode and installing the training gear, I finally got up the nerve to try hovering.

The best advice is: Don't do it yourself - get an experienced pilot to check your setup and do the initial flight. Oh well...

Contrary to appearances, it did not crash off screen (as in Flight of the Phoenix...). It stopped safely, just short of the bushes.

Needless to say, I was happy - and relieved.


  1. Brilliant. How many have you got? In Florida we could stage a full beach invasion - I envisage water bombs being dropped on sand castles with video cameras inside to capture all the drama in 3D. James Cameron watch out! Mark

  2. I think it was just intimidated by the plane going overhead...
    Good job. Don't bring it to Florida unless you want some extra little hands "helping."

  3. Nice! Well flown. Do you have to fly a number of hours with the training wheels before you get to take them off?

  4. Mark:
    Great idea! We could paint Naomi and John all blue and green, and ....

    Spot on - I tried flying the little indoor heli when Naomi was here today, and first thing out of her mouth was 'let me do it now - I can do it by myself!' I probably will bring the little $15 heli's (which don't fly well but are nearly indestructible) and my PC simulator program in case anyone wants to try it.

    The training gear doesn't come off until I am confident I can land it without tipping over and destroying the blades and rotor hub! Quite a while, in other words...