Tuesday, April 13, 2010

R/C Helicopter

My new helicopter kit finally arrived from China. My order took about a month to arrive, because a couple of items were backordered, and I made a couple of changes to the order. Once it shipped from the HobbyKing warehouse in Hong Kong, it got here in a week. It is a HobbyKing HK-450 electric heli. The rotor diameter is 28 inches.

These are the components, right out of the box. The main frame, rotor head and tail rotor were assembled at the factory.
Here it is pretty much assembled. A few parts are still needed (motor pinion gear, longer servo links), and the electronics and wiring have to be secured. After I set it up as good as I know how, I will take it to a local expert for a checkout and initial hover.
In the meantime, I am practicing on the simulator...


  1. That's a lot of parts! It looks really good assembled. Was it diffcult?

    Are the glasses and pencil in the picture for scale?

  2. Oops - I missed this comment.

    Thanks - it wasn't particularly difficult, just took quite a while because I had to read a lot of stuff online to understand how it all goes together and works. Also, there were a few little pieces I had to run down.

    Yes, the props were for scale - you are very insightful!